Customer Reviews:

"My grandson loves it he can see the money and hear it !! Firm believer start them young save instead of spending."- Rachel C.  March 21, 2014


"I like how it counts and allows my son to see the rewards growing inside the clear design." - Erin F. August 17, 2014


"This is probably the best piggy bank I have ever seen! Not only is it big, but you can see the money you put it. My 5 year old collects change from around the house and gets excited every time he puts his money in. Definitely going to buy this for my other son." - Letura I. November 17, 2014


"Works great. Tells the running total of money added to bank by sensing the size of each coin."- Pete. April 12th, 2015


"My Daughter wanted this when she went to live in a dorm at college. The piggy is so cute, and a great way to save up your change. We like being able to see how much change you actually have before cashing it in at the bank. Younger kids would like this too, since they can watch their change grow. The piggy is well-made and very accurate, too." - Debbie C. November 13th, 2015


"With the launch of The Change Project, it was a timely discovery that I stumbled across this adorable little money collector. Internet, meet the Digi-Piggy, who will undoubtedly play a key role in the collecting, counting and storing of my change this year." - Whitney WK's Blog March 2nd, 2011


"I’ll be saving in other ways, of course, but all of my spare change – diligently counted by my Digi-Piggy – is going to my NZ fund. It’s just a tiny step, but I enjoyed depositing all of my spare change and seeing the digital $3.04 on the piggy’s nose, and it made me feel like I was getting somewhere." - Allie Frost's Blog April 1st, 2015