About Digi-Piggy

The Digi-Piggy® is a great way for children to learn the concept and benefits of saving their money. The best part of saving with the Digi-Piggy® is that the user can see the progress of their savings with every deposit made. The Digi-Piggy can be a fun and useful tool to encourage thrift and economic awareness for children of all ages.

Education Facts 

The Digi-Piggy® can be useful in helping children to master several of the Content Standards for Mathematics in the United States.  Through its use, children can learn to:

1. Identify and know the value of coins and show different combinations of coins that equal the same value.

2. Model and solve problems by representing, adding, and subtracting amounts of money.

3. Solve problems using combinations of coins and bills.

4. Know and use the decimal notation and the dollar and cent symbols for money.

Source: California Department of Education, Mathematics Content Standards for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (adopted, 1997)



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